Système d'exploitation: Windows 10
Processeur: Dual core 1.7Ghz+
Mémoire: 6 GB RAM
Carte graphique: Intel HD Graphics 520+

One Lonely Outpost

One Lonely Outpost Télécharger Jeu PC

A barren, alien world needs YOU to bring it to life! Start out with just an ancient space-RV, your handy tech gauntlet, a handful of potato seeds, and work to build up your colony. By growing enough crops to attract colonists, build up a town and an economy, you’ll be able to achieve independence and establish your colony as a prime destination! Whether you opt for an all-natural farm or a more high-tech one, you'll need to balance producing food with other activities on your planet. Explore alien ruins to learn more about this strange world, grow your relationships with the many different characters that will join your colony, and have a blast playing various mini-game activities along the way. It's One Lonely Outpost … but not for long! First things first: food to eat! With supplies from Delivez-On, fertilize the ground, plant, and take care of your crops with a unique tending mechanic – blow off dust, clip off dead branches, and watch for bugs! As you advance, make the choice to either go the Synthetic route with robo-cows and gene-splicing (watch for glowing cabbages), or take the Natural path where you raise lively farm animals and hand-tend your prize crops for a premium on their produce. The more and better food you can make, the more colonists you can attract!                        Every colony starts with just one person, but you can't build a successful outpost alone. Specialists come from around the galaxy to conduct research and offer services to help you grow the colony to a full-fledged town. Other farmers arrive, providing a friendly rival to best at the farming game, and a few merchants who come to sell their wares and upgraded items. But that's not all that's important in life – befriend your fellow colonists and you'll find fully developed people with their own histories, lives, and dreams. Be careful though - in order to befriend some characters, you will have to be more creative than gifting farm produce at them every day! Help them follow those dreams far enough and you may find yourself falling in love. Marry, have children, and have some help on the farm. The ancient alien ruins have kept their secrets for millennia - until you come along. You’ll discover why a barren world has oxygen, a water cycle, and an active magnetosphere (none of which it should have, so far as the scientists are concerned!). However, you'll have to get past the robots that guard the ruins first! They'll test you physically and dump you back at the entrance empty-handed if you fail, but if you're clever enough you may be able to find a way past them without lifting a single blaster! Play any element in any order. Want to keep growing your farm? Keep at it and unlock all the perks of the path you choose - both Naturalistic and Synthetic options are balanced and rewarding! Interested in building up the town? You can focus on it and gain independence faster! Alien ruins intriguing you? Persistence is key, but you can prove yourself worthy on your own! All types of play are rewarding in their own way. And if you’re tired of those, there’s the Asteroid Mine-and-race minigame, fishing minigame, cooking minigame, arcade games, and more! Play online with up to 3 other space farmer friends in co-op style multiplayer - with a sprinkling of competition in mini games! Friends can join your existing outpost you’ve worked so hard on or you can begin a new one with them from scratch. Play all together on the same farm or start separate farm homesteads in the same colony where each player can develop relationships with the other colonists separately and even start their own families.

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  • OS:Windows 10
  • Processor:Dual core 1.7Ghz+
  • Memory:6 GB RAM
  • Graphics:Intel HD Graphics 520+
  • Storage:1 GB available space
Simulation / Sport
Simulation / Sport
Aventure / RPG / Simulation
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